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101 Pickleball: The Next Game Changer

101 Pickleball: The Next Game Changer

101 Pickleball: The Next Game Changer

In pickleball, you don’t only invest your time and skills to be an advanced player. You have to invest in quality sportswear that will let you move freely and not cause any discomfort. Most of all, you have to invest in great paddles to enhance your experience. There are many brands to choose from and it's worth researching first to know which paddle suits you.

101 Pickleball is the new kid on the block that will be the next game-changer. 101 Pickleball is dedicated to bringing you the best budget pickleball paddles without sacrificing quality.

Zen Control

If you want to focus on control and spin, the Zen Control paddle is the one to choose. It’s made with carbon fiber and a honeycomb core, materials that enhance your powerful shot when combined. Here are the benefits of the Zen Control paddle.

  • Accuracy and Control
  • Carbon fiber is a stiff and strong material. Together with a honeycomb core, it absorbs the ball’s energy at impact and allows it to be distributed evenly across the paddle’s surface. This allows for controlled yet precise shots.

  • Durability and Performance
  • The Zen Control paddle is made of durable materials that can endure intense gameplay without sacrificing quality.

  • Lightweight and Balanced
  • Because of the materials used, the paddle is lightweight and easy to control.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • The Zen Control paddle has a grip that ensures your comfort without sacrificing accurate and controlled shots for long games.

  • Serving
  • The Zen Control provides excellent control, allowing you to make an accurate serve.

  • Volley
  • The paddle’s lightweight and well-balanced designs allow you to quickly react during fast interactions during the game.

  • Dink and Drop
  • Dinks and drops are soft shots made to neutralize your opponent’s shots, forcing them to not make an aggressive return. The paddle’s materials make it easier to control and transition from the baseline to the non-valley zone or other parts of the court. 

  • Slicing and Topspin
  • The paddle combines precision and control, making it easier for you to hit the ball with accuracy.

    101 Pickleball Zen Control Paddle

    Infinity Balance

    The Infinity Balance pickleball paddle is perfect for advanced players and hobbyists who want to focus on power and control, but it is also suitable for any skill level.

  • Power and Control
  • The Infinity Balance paddle is made with a balanced weight distribution and a comfortable grip for precise and powerful shots without any strains.

  • Offensive Shots
  • The paddle is made for powerful and aggressive shots aimed at winning points.

  • Defensive Shots
  • The paddle provides excellent control when switching to defensive play to neutralize your opponent’s attacks, allowing you to switch back to offensive play.

  • Durable
  • The paddle is made to endure rigorous plays without sacrificing its quality.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • The Infinity Balance paddle is made with a comfortable grip to ensure harmony in your swings without sacrificing power and control.

    101 Pickleball Infinity Balance Paddle

    101 Pickleball has excellent paddles made for your pickleball needs. You can find lightweight pickleball paddles that will enhance your every swing. They’re budget-friendly so you don’t have to break the bank to get the best pickleball paddles for advanced players. Don’t worry, the paddles are suitable for every skill level so you can get edgeless pickleball paddles even if you’re a beginner or intermediate player looking to improve your skills.


    Key Takeaways: 101 Pickleball: The Next Game Changer

    Category Details
    Introduction - Quality sportswear and paddles are essential for advanced pickleball play.
    - 101 Pickleball offers budget-friendly paddles without sacrificing quality.
    Zen Control Paddle Focus: Control and spin
    Material: Carbon fiber and honeycomb core
    - Precise shots with excellent control
    - Durable and lightweight
    - Comfortable ergonomic grip
    - Enhances serving, volleying, dinks, drops, slicing, and topspin
    Infinity Balance Paddle Focus: Power and control, suitable for all skill levels
    - Precise and powerful shots
    - Great for both offensive and defensive plays
    - Durable with a comfortable ergonomic grip
    Conclusion - 101 Pickleball provides affordable, high-quality paddles for all skill levels, enhancing every aspect of gameplay.
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